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Double-Wall Casing

Technical Specifications

  • Suitable for installation inside and outside (Indoor or Outdoor)
  • Built With double-Wall panels to reduce sound and energy losses
  • Available in variety of 26 models
  • Available in Blow Thru and Draw Thru types
  • Available in two types of aerating top and bottom
  • Available in both horizontal and vertical types
  • Air delivery from 1000 to 58000 cubic feet per minute
  •  Available with Backward and Airfoil fans
  •  Available With belt Drive Power Transmission System Or Plug Fan
  • Available with cooling coils such as chilled water and direct expansion (DX Coil)
  • Provided with water , steam or electrical heating coils
  • Available with 8 to 14 Fins per inch in coils
  • Available with aluminum or copper fins
  •   Available with opposed blade aluminum dampers
  • Available with a variety of Washable aluminum filters and bag filters
  • Supplied with a variety of water spray or steam Humidifiers