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  3. 40RM Air Handling Unit

Single Wall Packaged Air Handlers

Technical Specifications

  • Suitable for indoor installation
  • In Naminal Capacity 6 To 30 Tons Of Refrigeration
  • Available with aluminum or copper Fins
  • Available with hot water heating coils
  • Available with R-22/R-407C refrigerants
  • Suitable for use with condensing units
  • Nominal air delivery from 1800 to 15000 cubic feet per minute
  • Available With mixing box
  • Available with 3-row and 4-row coils
  • Suitable for connecting to air duct system for uniform air distribution
  • Available with cooling coils such as chilled water and direct expansion (DX Coil)
  • Equipped with washable aluminum filters
  • Possibility of horizontal and vertical installation