In the after-sales department, customer care is our first priority. The company pledges to provide after-sales services during the warranty period and afterwards for ten years. Sarma Afarin’s customers have always had a peace of mind on accessing their original spare parts. A group of skilled contractors will be deployed throughout Iran during the whole year, specially hot season, to ensure that none of Sarma Afarin’s equipment is out of service due to a technical malfunction.

Some of the services that the after-sales department provides are as follows:

Warranty period services

Sarma Afarin Industries garantees its construction equipments against malfunctions or builds under normal working conditions and maintenance for a period of 18 months from the date of delivery or one year from the date of installation (whichever that occurs sooner).

The obligations of Sarma Afarin Company are Limited to the delivery and replacement of a defective component or parts related to the fittings of its construction equipments without payment, provided that the buyer notifies the company as soon as the defect occures in written notification.

Services After Warranty

Sarma Afarin ensures that after the warranty period, it will support its customers for at least ten years. Providing spare parts and dispatching the expert to carry out repairs of the machines during this period of time is one of the services which are provided. Obviously, the provision of these services will be in proportion to the cost of providing services.

Technical visit

In order to provide better services to our customers, Sarma Afarin Iran is ready to send its technical experts throughout the country for visiting the Manufactured products by this company. In addition to providing a technical proposal regarding the state of the device, the company will submit a proposal for a variety of repairs with sufficient financial and technical information.


In order to provide assurance to our customers, the company is ready to dispatch an expert on the initial launch of the equipment sold. The expert will check all individual parameters of the program to check the correct operation of the components of the system to prevent damage to the device at launch time. After ensuring the correct operation of the device in the presence of the customer representative, the device will be delivered to them.


With the approach of increasing the level of scientific knowledge of its customers’ facility units, the company has started training courses for many of its clients. In addition to training the theory of basic concepts in the air conditioning industry, these courses will be part of the training time with the presence of the device and provide practical and operating information on any equipment installed on the device, which will help customers in maintaining and more efficient operation of the equipment.