Sales do not mean completing a process, but starting a commitment.

Sarma Afarin is proud of providing its customers with expert and experienced personnel in air conditioning systems.

Our colleagues at the sales office, after considering customer’s need and taking into account the weather conditions and the cooling capacity required by the customer and the installation location of the device, review the conditions and select the optimum devices in  accordance with international standards and  Carrier’s instructions..

Our sales engineers utilize industry-leading software to select best device. The products are presented to the customer as the product selection documentation.

Sarma Afarin Industries provided HVAC systems for a wide range of customers and various industry groups. We are proud that in over 50 years, we have a strong presence in the country’s largest projects, and so far, we have been able, with the utmost precision and accountability, to offer practical proposals and clever solutions to various industry issues. We are committed to accountability and responsiveness in our sales office.

The main mission of our colleagues in Sarma Afarin Sales Department is not to offer a product, but to give our customers peace of mind for using a qualfied product.